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Making the decision to check loved one into a an assisted living facility is a tough decision. And sometimes, finding reliable care is tougher. At Best Personal Care, we used industry-leading practices, including EMR medication management, to ensure that you or your loved one will always be protected. Medications often play a large role in keeping residents healthy and safe, which is why we make it a priority to ensure that each and every patient is getting help with their medications. Learn more about our EMR medication management practices and connect with us in Houston today!

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Accurate Medication Management Includes Ensuring Every Patient Receives:

  • The right medication

  • Accurate dosage

  • Medication at the right time

  • Identity verification to ensure each medication is being distributed to the correct patient

  • Medication via the right route (orally, intravenously, etc.)

EMAR Medication Management

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is a treatment system used by doctors and pharmacists in assisted or behavioral health assisted living centers to help ensure that each patient within the facility is receiving optimal outcomes from the medications they have been prescribed. Medication management can include a variety of activities, including prescription reviews, creating treatment plans for both short-term and long-term, monitoring the safety of each patient’s prescription plan, and more.

It is the cumulative effort of the healthcare professionals at these types of facilities that ensures drugs are only being used as prescribed.

Why Is Medication Management Important?

There’s no question that prescription medications can offer many benefits for patients of all types. However, if mismanaged, prescription medications can possibly be abused by patients, leading to serious, potentially life-threatening situations. Additionally, if patients are not being monitored and medications are being forgotten or neglected, the patient isn’t getting optimal treatment.

At Best Personal Care, we understand that medication management is one of the most important aspects of care and often one of the biggest concerns of our patient’s family members. That’s why we’ve put reliable practices in place to ensure we are accurately tracking and administering medications to patients throughout our behavioral health assisted living facility.

Trust EMR Medication Management Solutions At Best Personal Care

At Best Personal Care, we use electronic medical records (EMR) in order to help us keep track of our patients’ medication administration. These records allow us to monitor and track data over time, easily identify which patients are due for screenings and checkups, and monitor and improve the overall quality of care for each patient within our practice.

We know that you take the care of yourself or your loved one very seriously, which is why we are here to assure you that we are doing everything we can to help protect our patients when it comes to medication management.

To learn more about our EMR medication management practices or to enroll yourself or a loved one in our behavioral health assisted living facility, reach out to our team in Houston today.

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