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Dr. Wondenwossen Goshu

Dr. Wondenwossen Goshu

Caring For a Family Member with Mental Illness

"My journey to founding Best Personal Care Assisted Living is a personal one...caring for people with mental illness is close to my heart.

My brother and I have a strong sibling bond…I love him dearly even amidst the typical rivalries and ups and downs common amongst brothers. Unfortunately, he has been struggling with mental health for a long time. My mother dedicated her life to looking after him, and before my dad passed away, he was also huge supporter. Our family's approach was always in the best interest of my brother.

Living with and caring for someone with mental illness can create challenging situations that require empathy and sensitivity for everyone involved. For my brother and my family, we were always committed to including him in social activities in and outside of extended family. But the reality was that not everyone has compassion for people with mental illness. I personally could not stand on the sidelines and watch my brother suffer, nor witness the strife it heartbreak it brought my mother.

Building bridges between respecting social norms, honoring everyone's health, safety and comfort and inspiring passion for inclusion, acceptance and understanding for our loved ones that struggle with mental illness is a delicate balance I have dedicated my life to. I have learned so much from my personal experience with my beloved brother and endeavor to extend these life lessons in service to others.

That is why I founded Best Personal Care Assisted Living. I believe we can build these bridges, and other foundations and frameworks, to provide high-level care for residents that is meaningful - that matters. It is personal to me that each resident receives the best care possible and that their families are able to rest easy because their loved ones are receiving quality care and compassion.

We get involved because it matters."